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Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Subject:A Lie for a Lie, Truth for a Truth
Time:9:40 pm.
Mood: tired.
I've been thinking recently about disinformation, and more specifically about why it is often perceived as a bad thing.

In interpersonal relationships this often means lying. On a larger scale, say in business or politics, it may be simply the deliberate creation and/or spreading of false information. Either way, many frown upon disinformation, and while it is relatively simple to feel this way, I'm finding it much more difficult to really explain why this is. I've thought of a few different reasons, but I'm curious to know what others think.

So tell me, is disinformation necessarily bad or immoral? What about false information given intentionally but without any other motivation than that giving, itself? What do you think, LJ?

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Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Time:11:53 pm.

Tyler Wolf


14 February 2008





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Friday, August 10th, 2007

Subject:"Over the river and through the woods"
Time:3:13 pm.

I'm at my grandmother's house in Knightdale for the weekend, taking care of her dog, while Granny's in Washington (I think) with my cousins. I just got here, but so far it's nice being here on my own.

Also, getting rides to one place through three people is amusing, but not at all bad.


"You can only scribe one spell per day. You'll have to wait until tomorrow for another"

"But it...it was only one...one word...ONE! WORD!"

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Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Subject:"In ur reality"
Time:11:49 pm.
I found this one too amusing not to share:

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Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Time:1:25 am.
I've found, through trying to play Megaman X4, that when I press and hold the num-pad 6 (right), t, and r keys in that order, my computer turns scroll lock on. And now I've just discovered that when I try to type that, instead of just "tr", it comes out as "t5vb".


I wonder if I can fix/change that.
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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Time:11:40 pm.
I was invited to apply for the University Honors Program...hmm...

Should I?
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Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Subject:A Brilliant Insight
Time:12:23 am.
If you are what you eat, then you’re most likely either dead meat or a vegetable. That’s just a lose-lose situation.

I guess being cool or hot is a plus, though.
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Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Time:10:42 pm.
This is the first cold I've had in two years.

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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Time:11:57 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
I learned on Sunday that making five different Indian foods can take quite a while, especially when you haven't made four of them before. It took me about six hours, but it was pretty awesome.

Also, Asoka was pretty good/amusing, and Gandhi was really, really good.

Is this like...Indian week, or something?
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Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Subject:March on, march on, march on
Time:9:01 pm.
Mood: random.
Looks like it's time for another entry, don't you think?

LEAF was awesome again, as expected. I got a lot of contra in, as well as getting to see Afromotive more than usual, which was great. Hopefully their recording of it will be out soon, I want to listen to it.

I finally got a singing bowl, too, and this one's actually ceramic, and I got to try pretty much all of them there and pick out the tone I wanted! It's exciting, I've been wanting one for a while now.

Rope making was also actually pretty cool. I made a bracelet and some more rope, and I have some extra basswood bark sitting in a bag somewhere too. I probably wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for Sydney, so thank you, for that and for going to LEAF with me in the first place!

Switching gears somewhat, I went to Artsplosure yesterday for like three and a half hours. Needless to say, it was pretty cool. I think I saw every last booth there, and got to hear two or three bands. Oh, and the highlight of this week, I think, was when I was walking back to Artsplosure from the gigantic Wachovia tower, and one of the smoothie ladies that works in the atrium at State happened to be going past in a car, recognized me, and said hi. That woman's great, she actually memorized my name and smoothie at one point from me going there so many times for lunch.

And three dogs this weekend? I can duel wield two pretty well, but I'm no violentist.

Now, should I watch Asoka, a crazy Indian movie, or go to bed...
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Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Subject:It's like Heart of Darkness...but with more corn.
Time:1:40 am.
Mood: Jungle-y.
For the record, today's been pretty awesome.

First I figured out in archery, thanks to Ashley, that a bow 3 pounds less than the one I normally use seems many more times easier to pull. Now if I can find one, I might stick with it for the rest of archery.

Band is getting better and better, too. I'm starting to talk to more people around and during class, which is nice, considering that I plan on being in band every semester I can, and probably in grad school too if I'm going here. And Dr. Garcia is pretty much always awesome, as well as a really great director and conductor.

The main highlight of my day was probably when Ashley, Jeff, Jenny, Phillip, and Will all helped me carry pots of almost-my-hight corn and (I think) wheat, and one with what may or may not be kudzu in it, from Phytotron to my room. It felt like being either ents or in MacBeth, a small walking forest. And now I'm sitting in my dark room at night, with the plants all around me, all dimly lit or sillhouettes. It feels like a jungle...with my laptop.

Lastly, but not least: The CIA show tonight was awesome, and a lot of fun. You did a great job, Jenny! (You want your booties?)
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Friday, April 6th, 2007

Time:8:05 pm.
Mood: existant.
My dad picked me up from State, and on the way home he told me that my 13 year old dog Schubert had been bleeding a lot from his mouth. They took him to the good vet, who found that some of his teeth were cracked and quite possibly causing the bleeding, so they removed them and gave us some antibiotics to give him. When I came home, I could see all of the dried blood on his legs...He should be better now once he gets a lot of rest, and hopefully the bleeding will stop. o_o

On a completely unrelated note, I spent hours last night with CATTG people who were still on campus. I found out that when they're not playing magic, they're playing or talking about other games, haha. Sometimes physics. Also, I was led to discover Stepmania, and am now thinking about getting a USB dance pad some time in the future...
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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Subject:Take a sad song and make it better
Time:6:58 pm.
Mood: content.
Whoo, Music!

There was a guy in the Brickyard today selling CDs again. I got 1 (The Beatles), New Miserable Experience (Gin Blossoms), and Incubus- Are You In Paris.

And now I happily listening to them! ^^
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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Time:8:41 pm.
This song is crazy and hilarious. It includes people screaming and yelling "Godzilla!" and "Las Vegas!", the occasional amalgamation of brass noises which actually kind of sounds like Godzilla, and other interesting bits.

...I kind of want to play it now.
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Friday, March 9th, 2007

Time:8:53 pm.
Wait...they're playing this again? Except this time, I think it's the whole Symphony Fantastique.
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Time:8:40 pm.
I can't think of something good to start this post with, so I'll just start it with this! Haha!

I went to Enloe on Tuesday and Thursday, which was nice. Tuesday I got there late because I had to go to Phytotron at State and collect data and pictures, and then I didn't stay at Enloe very long past eighth period, but I did still see people, and got to see and talk to them more on Thursday. I always like visiting and being around friends and just anyone who I used to see nearly every day, and I'll try to come more, when I can.

At home, I haven't really been doing all that much. I've read some, played a lot of Spider Solitaire and Minesweeper, and watched some movies. My dad got a very large HD-TV while I was at State, and this week is the first I've seen it. I still don't watch TV on it, except for movies, and even then there are way too many of the same commercials, every commercial break, and those are far too often. But so far I've watched Gladiator, The Patriot, and Girl, Interrupted; none of which I had seen before. Oh, and my dad and I also watched The Fellowship of the Ring, the extended edition, which did look very nice on the new television.

Since I'm trying to get a job for the summer, I decided to fill out an online application for Borders. The end section was kind of annoying, because it had a lot of questions that to me were confusing, ambiguous, situation-dependant, or some combination of those. They were all statements which you could only respond to with "strongly disagree", "disagree", "agree", or "strongly agree". The worst, to me, was "I do not fake being polite." That could mean a couple of things, like that I'm not polite when I don't want to be, or never am, or that I'm always sincerely polite. I just put disagree. I kind of wish that they had had an "indifferent" or "it depends" option, but oh well.

What else have I done during the break...I've had indian food, and gone to over to Jason's. Thriller was totally meant to be played on the clarinet!

Also, for some reason the classical station keeps on playing things today that I've played or am currently playing in band/ESO. It could be a request day, but it's still kind of weird. Speaking of band, it's looking like we could be playing a lot of really good music for our next concert, in April I think.

Wow, that was a long post, for me.
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Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Time:2:18 am.
Wow. Amelie is an excellent movie. Any of you who haven't seen it really should.
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Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Time:2:02 am.
So, the highlight of my day was definitely the guy by the tunnel yelling, "Want better hair? ...Buy a carnation!"
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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Subject:Have a...
Time:1:43 am.
Mood: sleepy.
Happy Valentine's Day!

LJ is scary today...I'm kind of afraid to go to google now.
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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Subject:Mmm...grape leaves and time reversal...
Time:4:44 pm.
Mood: happy.
It's nice being back at State. I've been playing lots of Harvest Moon, and may need to tear myself away from it tonight, so I can do my chemistry webassign and English paper. Farming on the playstation is so much more addictive than it may sound.

Today specifically, I started band, and Dr. Garcia said that next year he wants to take Wind Ensemble to Australia for eight or ten days, and have us perform in the Syndey Opera house. On this trip we could also go on a dinner cruise, and "hold a koala and pet...a kangaroo". How awesome is that? There's a reason I've shaped my schedule more around Wind Ensemble than anything else.

Then after band, I went to lunch with my mom and had greek food, which was great. And I got my stereo-computer cable back! Yes, I am celebrating.

Last of all, Jeff and I came up with an awesome theory last night at dinner. It works like this: Read more...Collapse )

(While we were talking about this, Will said both that we broke his brain and that we broke Physics. Will's Brain is therefore most probably Physics.)
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LiveJournal for Correnon.

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You're looking at the latest 20 entries. Missed some entries? Then simply jump back 20 entries.