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A butterfly stirs its wings...

9 May
Demon In My Shoe

Come gather 'round and I'll tell you,
A story that's completely true.
When I was only years old two,
I had a demon in my shoe.

That's right! A demon in my shoe!
'Twas not a mouse; 'Twas not a shrew.
And now, without further ado,
I'll tell you how it got there, too.

While I was in my Dad's canoe,
(Gone fishing, though you prob'ly knew)
He cast the line, it overthrew,
And landed- Plop!-right in my shoe!

Its skin was black, its eyes were blue,
It looked just like a cockatoo!
It spoke to me, and then I knew:
I had a demon in my shoe.

Though demon's usually say "boo!",
It simply said, "How do you do?"
Then, "Hi! My name's Bartholomew.
But- where am I? And- who are you?"

I said, "Hello, Bartholomew.
You currently are in my shoe.
But tell me- how can this be true?
My foot is also in my shoe!"

He said, "I do not know, 'tis true.
But since we've had our interview,
And you know me, and I know you,
Why don't we have a barbeque?"

We got the grill, we got the skew,
We even got the old horseshoe!
And then the demon said, "Hey you!
I'll cook- you tell me what to do."

And so the demon cooked fondue,
Cheeseburgers, corn, and baked beans too.
We drank iced tea and Mountain Dew,
But how to cook- that demon knew!

We sat out by the lake to view
The waters, calm, and oddly blue.
The demon tought me things he knew-
Like how to play the didgeridoo.

And where to find Chinese bamboo.
(The whole time, he was in my shoe)
And then he yelled, his arms askew,
"Look at the time! It's half-past two!"

"My second cousin has the flu!
Goodbye, it was nice meeting you!"
And then the demon's head withdrew,
Into the unknown of my shoe.

I tried my best to misconstrue
The fact he'd gone- a best friend true!
I searched from Guam to Timbuktu,
But where he'd gone? I never knew.

Well, that's my story, done and through!
And now, I've some advice for you:
Don't do drugs, 'cause if you do,
You'll have a demon in your shoe.